CyberPower BR1000ELCD 1000VA/600W Brick Line Interactive UPS LCD

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CyberPower BR1000ELCD 1000VA/600W Brick Line Interactive UPS LCD


  • Type: Line Interactive
  • Waveform: Simulated Sine Wave
  • Output VA: 1000VA
  • Output Watts: 600W
  • Outlet Type: UK Socket
  • Outlet Number: 6
  • Surge Protected: Yes
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • USB/RS232: USB only
  • USB Charging Port: Yes
  • Management Software: Power Panel Personal
  • RJ11/RJ45 Protection: Yes
  • Overload Protection: Circuit Breaker
  • Energy Saving: Yes


CyberPower BR1000ELCD offers home and office users a reliable battery backup and safeguards office PCs, network communication equipment, and other electronic devices from surges, spikes, brownouts and other power incidents. Designed with GreenPower UPS™ Technology to improve operating efficiency and to minimize energy consumption, users can enjoy significant energy cost savings over conventional UPS systems.

The UPS provides Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to maintain a safe voltage for connected equipment. The featured data line protection protects phones, networks, and other communication equipment against surge/spikes and other power irregularities. Users can access precise information of critical power/battery conditions by switching to the LCD status monitor.


  • Line-interactive UPS Topology
  • Energy Saving Technology
  • Simulated Sine Wave Output
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • USB Charging Port
  • Surge and Spike Protection
  • Phone/Fax/Modem/DSL/Network Protection
  • LCD Status Display
  • Brick Form Factor


  • PCs & Workstations
  • Computers & Laptops
  • SOHO Networking Devices
  • Phone/Fax/Modem
  • Video/Audio Equipment
  • NAS & Servers
  • Home Theater Systems
  • DVRs/Surveillance Systems
  • POS Systems
  • Home Desktop
  • Home Office
  • Office Desktop
  • Back Office

To download the latest Power Panel software please visit the website below:

UPS Topology: Line-interactive
Energy Saving Technology: GreenPower UPS™ Bypass Technology
Nominal Input Voltage (Vac): 230 ± 10%
Input Voltage Range (Vac): 165 ~ 290
Input Frequency (Hz): 50 ± 5, 60 ± 5
Input Frequency Detection: Auto-sensing
Rated Input Current (A): 4.55
Input Connector Type: UK
Capacity (VA): 1000
Capacity (Watts): 600
On Battery Waveform: Simulated Sine Wave
On Battery Voltage(s) (Vac): 230 ± 10%
On Battery Frequency (Hz): 50 ± 1%, 60 ± 1%
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): Single Boost, Single Buck
Overload Protection: Circuit Breaker
Outlet(s) – Total: 6
Outlet Type: UK x 6
Outlet(s) – Battery & Surge Protected: 3
Outlet(s) – Surge-Only Protected: 3
USB Charging Port(s): 1
USB Charging Current (A): 1
Typical Transfer Time (ms): 4
Runtime at Half Load (min): 6
Runtime at Full Load (min): 1
Typical Recharge Time (Hours): 8
Start On Battery: Yes
User-replaceable: Yes
Battery Type: Sealed Lead-acid
Replacement Battery Pack: RBP0117
RBP Quantity (pcs): 1
Surge Suppression (Joules):125
EMI/RFI Filtration: Yes
Phone/Network Protection RJ11/RJ45 (Combo): 1-in, 1-out
LCD Panel: Yes
LCD Information Display: Power Status , Battery Status , Load Status , Other Information
LCD Setting & Control: Alarm Setting
LED Indicators: Power On , Line Mode , Battery Mode , Low Battery
HID Compliant USB Port(s): 1
Audible Alarms: Battery Mode , Low Battery , Overload , UPS Fault
Power Management Software: PowerPanel® Personal Edition
Form Factor: Brick
Enclosure Construction: Plastic
Color: Black
Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm.): 166 x 118 x 288
Weight (kg.): 6.5
Operating Temperature (°C): 0 ~ 40
Operating Relative Humidity (Non-condensing) (%): 0 ~ 90
Operating Elevation (feet/meters): 0-10,000 feet (0-3,000 meters)
Storage Temperature (°C): -20 ~ 50
Storage Relative Humidity (Non-condensing) (%): 0 ~ 90
Online Thermal Dissipation (BTU/hr): 102
Certifications: CE
RoHS: Yes


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